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SET Program

Thank you for considering purchasing my annual computer maintenance program called Sleep Easy Technology (SET). 

I’m now offering a technology maintenance package to make sure that you can sleep easy, knowing all your computers have been serviced regularly and frequently enough to prevent a small issue from turning into a big problem. 

Here’s a list of the services I provide as part of the SET program:

e-Guru Sleep Easy Technology (SET) program

Computer CheckupCheck virus and malware programs, clear temp files, cookies, etc., remove any unwanted, unnecessary programs, update any and all software, update OS, evaluate overall computer health.
Backup CheckupCheck back up system(s), subscriptions, external hard drives, perform test restore to validate backups.
Provide RecommendationsRecommend any upgrades, improvements, etc. for computer, software, peripherals, etc.
Check Wifi / NetworkCheck wifi signal strength, test/evaluate extenders, mesh, evaluate passwords for internal and guest for security, etc.
InternetCheck internet speed and health, provide suggestions for improvement.
NetworkCheck network speed and health, provide suggestions for improvement, check router health, etc.
Printers / ScannersCheck printer / MFP health and connectivity, remove duplicate and old printers, remove old print jobs, etc.
Computer InventoryCreate and maintain a computer asset inventory list including serial numbers, model numbers, year of purchase, subscription lists, software licenses, etc.

It usually takes me over an hour per computer to provide all the above services. 

Prices for the SET program (per computer):

1 visit a year:    $150.  ($150 per computer per visit)
2 visits a year:   $290.  ($145 per computer per visit)
3 visits a year:   $420.  ($140 per computer per visit)
4 visits a year:   $540.  ($135 per computer per visit)

When you purchase a SET program, we will schedule your visits for the whole year in advance, on days and times that are convenient for you. 

Please fill out the form below, which will allow you to securely purchase the program level of your choice, using your credit card.