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iOS 6 vs. Wi-Fi

After dutifully upgrading the iOS to 6 on all the Apple mobile devices that have been connecting to my home network for years, 50% of them wouldn’t connect to the wi-fi. A quick web search showed that many people were having this problem, and internet solutions ranged from “it’s an apple problem, it will go away,” to other complicated things like resetting the firmware in the router. Well, I tried all those things, to no avail.

However, after simply changing my wi-fi password in my router to include a couple symbols (rather than the embarrassingly un-secure eight letter password I had before), voila! it started working again.

I didn’t do a legitimate step by step troubleshooting process, because this was my own darn network and I just wanted the thing to work again. However, my gut tells me that the reason so many people have been having problems is that in iOS6, Apple implemented some sort of minimum security requirement to the wi-fi connectivity function, and neglected to mention this to users. I could be way off-base on this. But, I suggest, if you’re experiencing this same issue after an iOS 6 upgrade, try changing the password in your router to include letters (both capital and lower-case), numbers, and symbols, and then re-connect to it (by forgetting the network and re-connecting). This is good password practice, anyway, so it really can’t hurt. Then, see if it helps!