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Windows Vista/7 Recovery Screen and Encryption

I work with a lot of computers that are encrypted for confidentiality purposes. Symantec Endpoint Encryption has all sorts of stupid “features” that annoy me to death.

One “feature” is that it disables the keyboard and mouse for certain parts of the boot-up process. If a Windows 7 or Vista computer is shut down improperly, sometimes upon startup, it will stop at a “windows recovery” screen, and prompt you to choose which operating system you wish to boot from and/or force you to choose whether or not to try to “repair” windows. These prompts require a keyboard input. Which you can’t give it if your computer has disabled the keyboard. Catch 22. You’re stuck there until you can decrypt your machine (which can take hours), just so you can hit enter once, and then go through the process of re-encrypting it. What a pain!

If you run this command, however, it will prevent those recovery screens from ever appearing, even if your computer is shut down improperly:

From an elevated command prompt (Windows key+R, then type cmd[enter]):

bcdedit /set {default} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures

the hit enter. When the command completes successfully, you’re done. Type exit to leave the DOS prompt.

Basically, if you have Win7 or Vista, and you use Symantec Encryption (read: Ameriprise advisors), you should absolutely do this on your computer. It can save you hours of hassle later.