Because computers don't fix themselves


I cannot stress enough the importance of backing up your data.

Granted, I see the worst of it. I’m the person who people call when their hard drive goes bad. And, nothing pains me more than having to tell someone that they’ve lost all the photos of their children, or they’ve lost the 20,000 songs they’ve accumulated over the years.

The short of it is: hard drives go bad. They go bad frequently, and most of the time without warning. Like lightbulbs, they will turn on and work maybe 10,000 times without a hitch. Then, one day, POP! Burnt out.

Sometimes I can retrieve data off a corrupt hard drive. Sometimes not. And, if I can’t, then the next step is a data recovery company which usually charges between $750 and $3000 to get your data off. And, even those companies usually cannot promise success in retrieving data.

You absolutely cannot trust any data that you value to a single hard drive. If you back up your data to a second hard drive (internal or external is fine), then that is a step in the right direction. However, I also cannot tell you how many times I visit a client and discover that their backup hard drive has gone bad. Or, is full. Or, their software (or assistant) hasn’t been backing everything up correctly. But, most often, I discover that people simply have not been doing their backup regularly. Having an external hard drive to back up to is useless if you don’t take the time to run the backup. Between human and technological error, backups are something that are frequently not done reliably. And, when do you usually discover that your backup hasn’t been working? After it’s too late!

But, there is a solution which addresses all of these concerns:

Protect your files with Carbonite Online BackupCarbonite Online Backup

Carbonite is an inexpensive ($55/year) backup solution which ensures that your data is safe by consistently and reliably backing up to off-site servers. It’s a software package which resides on your computer, and uploads your important files to Carbonite’s servers every day. It does it automatically, so you don’t have to remember to run your backup. It does it daily, so you don’t have to worry about the 6 days between your usual weekly backup. It’s offsite, so even if your entire office burns down, you can buy a new computer, download your data from Carbonite and be up and running again in mere hours. It’s magical.

For the sense of security and peace of mind it brings, the annual fee is quite worth it, in my opinion. I recommend Carbonite to every user, whether Home or Business.

Click here to try Carbonite on a 14-day trial. And, if you are as pleased with it as I am (and, you will be), you can purchase it and keep using it seamlessly.


A few notes I’ve learned by recommending and using Carbonite:

  • Carbonite only works on INTERNAL hard drives. If all your primary data is stored on an external drive, Carbonite won’t back it up. Be sure your data is on your internal drive, not your external.
  • Carbonite does work on Windows servers. Excellent way to backup critical data.
  • You can pause Carbonite so it only backs up after-hours or at night. This is a great way to make sure your computer or internet connection is not slowed by file uploading.
  • Carbonite needs one subscription per computer. However, if you purchase one subscription, most often, the 2nd subscription is 50% off! Check your e-mail after your first purchase for a coupon.
  • Even though Carbonite is completely encrypted and is up to industry security standards for backing up confidential data, some financial company’s compliance departments do not consider Carbonite a compliant solution, for legal reasons. I say it’s better to have your data non-compliant and recoverable, rather than compliant and lost forever. But, that’s just me. If this applies to you, you may wish to check with your corporate policy before using Carbonite on your office computer.