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Paperport 14 and Memory Leak

I wasn’t able to find a solution on the internet for this very annoying problem.

Several of my clients use Paperport 14, but only some of them experience a situation where the Paperport.exe program will appear to freeze and, after a while, crash and close out. If you watch task manager during this time, you’ll notice Paperport.exe starting at about 17k memory usage, and then slowly start using more and more RAM until it finally uses all available RAM in the system, at which point it will crash.

After a bunch of troubleshooting, it appears to be a conflict between the associated “Nuance PDF create” software and some other software on the computer. After uninstalling PP, and all attendant software, then, re-installing it and cancelling the installation of Nuance PDF create, the problem seems to go away. Still not 100% sure why this happens, but as long as we can get it to work, I’ll leave it at that for now. Most people don’t need the quick shortcuts to create PDF’s in their other programs, anyway. Especially since you can always print to Paperport, if need be.

Update: Just found two broken shortcuts in the shared network folder. Removed them, and all seems well.

Computer screen on HD TV quirk

Today I helped a client set up his laptop to send a wireless signal to his brand new Panasonic flat screen TV using a Warpia Stream HD. I’ve set these up before, and I love them.

This time, though, no matter how we played with the resolution, the outer edge of the screen was being cut off, which makes it very difficult to, say, close a window, or use the start menu.

After some playing with the TV settings, it turns out that the TV’s default setting for HDMI input is to trim the outer 5% of the screen off, to try to reduce any potential digital noise around the edges. Maybe that’s fine for a TV signal, but for the computer, that clearly doesn’t work very well. The hardest part was finding the setting. It was in Picture -> Advanced -> HD Settings, and the HD mode was set to HD mode 1. I had to change it to HD mode 2. The only way to know about the whole 5% thing was to read the description of each HD mode.

Now I know where to look if the outer edge is being trimmed off.