Because computers don't fix themselves

New Facebook Scam

I actually had to applaud the hacker who thought up this new little scam. It’s rare that someone gets me, but this guy did.

As people who know me know, I’m not a huge facebook user. I probably should use it much more than I do. But, when I’m notified of something happening on my wall, just like most people, I will spare a moment to go see what’s happening.

But, I got this e-mail in my inbox today. It looks EXACTLY like an official e-mail from Facebook saying that someone posted something crappy on my wall. And, without even thinking about it, I clicked on it. Sure enough, as soon as I saw the web browser trying to resolve a site name in Germany, rather than, I realized my mistake. And, luckily, I was able to click out before it loaded and potentially put any spyware on my computer. But, I was lucky. By all rights, he got me.

Before you click on a link in an e-mail, hover over it. Usually, the tooltip will show the actual hyperlink. If the hyperlink doesn’t match what the link says, don’t risk it. Delete the e-mail.

Even better, I should have read the fake notification from Facebook, closed the e-mail, and gone to Facebook in a browser to see for myself the nasty comment on my wall, rather than clicking on the link at all. If I were following my own advice, anyway.

I hope this post helps other people avoid this very sneaky scam.