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Adobe Flash Player in Firefox 6

I just upgraded to Firefox 6 recently, and ever since doing so, I kept getting the stupid error message about adobe flash player not being able to load content. This message:

Adobe Flash Player has Stopped a Potentially Unsafe Operation

The following local application on your computer or network : [object] is trying to communicate with this Internet-enabled location, blah blah blah

Anyway, clearly it was Adobe flash player not reading ads on pages properly. I wouldn’t mind that so much, except that it also crashed the webpage and forced me to restart my browser every time.

After several unsuccessful tries at updating my Adobe Flash player, I realized that the usual Adobe Flash updater for Firefox was freezing and not completing the install. I’m not sure why this was happening. Probably one more issue of having a 64 bit version of Windows which programmers are STILL trying to figure out.

The solution for me was to download the .msi installer for the flash updater rather than using their usual downloadable .exe version. I had to root around to find it, but here it is:

Windows / Plug-in based browsers / Download MSI installer. AFter running that, voila. Adobe flash finally updated, and so far, no more crashing. Good luck!

P.S. – The error message came up one more time after installation succeeded. But, because it wasn’t crashed this time, all I had to do was click on “settings” and make sure that I allowed all websites to store information on my computer was checked. Which, by the way, is fine. Websites always store information on your computer in order to make them load faster or remember your user name. It’s not a security problem to allow that.