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Reduce size of winsxs folder

I am contemplating re-imaging my personal computer, and even loading Windows 7 onto a solid state drive for maximum performance. However, when contemplating how large a drive I would need, I realized that Windows 7 was taking up 30 gigs of space on my current drive. That’s waaay too much real estate on a measly 128 gigabyte SSD.

So, in searching for some solutions to this issue, I found this excellent blog post which can help you severely reduce the winsxs folder in your computer. This folder keeps backups of important files in case you need to go back to older versions. Specifically, say, if you were to roll back a Microsoft Service Pack. But, sometimes it keeps way too many files and takes up lots of room. Like, the 11 gigs on my machine. After following this simple tip, I cut that almost in half.