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Microsoft Word crashing

Today, I troubleshot a problem where Microsoft Word would open and work, however, certain features of it were disabled, and it would cause crash screen whenever it closed. The crash screen would reference mso.dll. A notable problem was that if I went to File / Word options, the window would open, but I couldn’t click on anything except ‘cancel.’

There were no add-ins to disable, and deleting didn’t help, nor did replacing mso.dll with a copy from a computer that worked.

The solution was to delete the registry key for Microsoft Word’s Data, and let it rebuild itself.

(If you’re about to do this, remember to always backup the registry key you’re deleting before you delete it in case of problems later)

Start / Run / “regedit”
Go to HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ (Version number… mine was 12.0) \ Word
Delete the Data key.

Close the registry. Reboot. Enjoy!

Speaking of which, I really like the new Microsoft “Let me do it for you” registry modifier. Very handy if you aren’t familiar with modifying your registry. And, relatively safe, too, as long as the solution looks like it indeed appropriate for your problem.

This solution can be found on Microsoft at: