Because computers don't fix themselves

Act! Calendar problem

I had a client using Act! 2009 on multiple computers, networked to a server. Very common setup. However, 2 of the computers on this network had a problem where the calendar shifted over about half an inch every time they launched the program. Within a few days, they would have a calendar that looked crazy and had dozens of mini-calendars stretching across the top of the screen. We had discovered the temporary solution of deleting preference files, but the actual solution was something completely unexpected.

Act! is apparently designed for 96 DPI: the standard windows font size. If you go into your display settings and increase your windows font size, it wreaks havoc with the Act! layouts, and corrupts the preference files.

To fix it was easy.
On Windows 7:

Right click on the Desktop
Choose personalize
Click on Display
Make sure the display is set to “Smaller (100%)” If it is set to anything else, Act! will freak out.

On Windows XP:

Go to the Control Panel
Double click on Display
Click on the Settings tab
Click on the Advanced button
Make sure it’s set to 100% (96 DPI)

Now, sure enough, this makes everything smaller on the screen. However, it’s always better to change your resolution than it is to mess with font or icon sizes, if you want consistency in windows. One computer, I just lowered the resolution so the icons were bigger again for the client. The other client was fine with the font being smaller.