Because computers don't fix themselves

Can’t Send E-Mail to Some People

Weird how life works. I haven’t seen this problem in years, and yet two clients in the same week get it.

When sending e-mails from outlook (or, any client-based e-mail program), e-mail was being rejected by multiple e-mail servers. But, only some. So, some e-mails would go through, whereas everyone at or everyone at SBCGLOBAL.NET would get bounced. The error message would vary, but usually it says something along the lines of “message not accepted” or
message not valid” or “message not allowed.” Of course, you’d have to read through the long header information on the bounced message to find that error message, but it’s in there.

Solution: Fix the date and time on your own computer. Sure enough, in both of these cases, their computer’s clock was set incorrectly. Usually, in order for this to cause a problem with mail servers, your computer might be set to a date in the future. If your computer tries to send a message datestamped 2012, for example, but it’s only 2011, then some e-mail servers will reject the entire message.

So, check your clock!