Because computers don't fix themselves

Google Maps – Operation Aborted

A new issue this week. Some people are having problems viewing Google Maps.

This is an issue with IE 6 and 7. There’s a fix which seems to work for most people, and you can download it free from microsoft here:

Although, upgrading to IE 8 should also solve that problem.

I recommend IE 8. I’ve had no problems with it since I upgraded (reluctantly) from 7, and it has the neat “compatibility view” which can view it as if you’re in IE 7, in case you’re viewing an older website. Even most of the big corporations I work with that have funky websites and don’t like you to upgrade right away seem to work fine with IE 8. So, you might just kill two birds with one stone.

You can upgrade to IE 8 with this free download from Microsoft:

(If you have windows 7, you already have IE 8)