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ATI Catalyst and monitor resolution after service pack 3

So, my client has three Dell 2407WFP monitors, all identical, all attached to a single ATI HD 2400 video card (attached display, plus a clone of one).  After installing Windows XP SP3, the resolution went to crap on his monitors.  Going into the ATI catalyst software and changing the resolution didn’t work.  And, as usual, the Windows XP SP3 uninstall failed, so we couldn’t go back to where we were before without a system restore, which I don’t do unless there’s a gun to my head. 


For some reason, ATI Catalyst was unable to pull the correct optimal monitor resolution from the monitors (possibly because they have VGA splitter cables).  So, it was assuming the monitors had a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 instead of the actual optimal resolution of 1920 x 1200.  Inside Catalyst, go to monitor properties, and uncheck the box that pulls information from the monitor.  Then, manually enter the optimum resolution in the box.  Apply changes.  Then, change the resolution to another resolution (like 1024 x 768).  Apply.  Then, change it back to the optimal.  Apply.  Done!